Founded in January in 2018, Sadhvi Suri is a contemporary womenswear brand dedicated to design modern clothing with an emphasis on functionality and versatility. The brand endeavours to balance between simplicity and individuality through its thoughtful elevated designs. Our modernist approach is balanced by a timeless minimalism offering a refreshing take on womenswear clothing.

At our Atelier, we focus on using fine fabrics to create unique silhouettes that emanate a sense of easy sophistication. Our process of creating a collection starts from some very simple inspirations. The journey begins with a few hand drawn sketches and ideas which are further transformed to more refined concepts through engagement with different materials and fabrics. These tactile developments are thoughtfully incorporated into functional forms created through a meticulous process of draping and flat pattern cutting. 

With a training in design from two very acclaimed design schools- Istituto Marangoni, London and Pearl Academy, New Delhi, Sadhvi Suri developed a unique set of skills and the luxurious sensibility that reflects in every thought out detail of the garments designed at the atelier.